Pet Health

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Homemade Dog Food Recipes

Today we take a look at homemade dog food recipes and identify why they are better and healthier for our canine friends compared to your normal commercial brand of dog food, after doing some research and speaking to some dog … read more

Pet News


Pet Rescue: Missy The German Shepherd

We look back at this courageous story of a dog called Missy, Pet rescue of Missy the German shepherd who survived against all odds after she was left for dead on a Colorado mountaintop named Bierstadt Mountain in August 2012,after … read more

Pet Grooming

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Grooming your dog (Bathing)

Today we begin with the first topic in a series of posts related to grooming your dog. This first post is related to bathing your dog at home yourself rather than paying for your dog to be groomed which can … read more

Pet Care

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Travelling With Pets

As the summer season arrives we all look forward to a much needed break by getting away and spending time with our friends and families. Obviously, one important consideration while planning any trip, are our pets. Owning a pet should … read more

Pet Socializing

Dog Training

Leash training with dogs

Training your dog to walk on a leash Walking with your dog can be lots of fun. It’s a healthy activity for both you and your pet. But before you take your dog out for a walk, it should be … read more

Pet Training


Kitten crate training

Train your kitten to use the litter box So this is your first pet cat and you are wondering how to give him crate training. It can be hard being a complete novice, it can be quite a challenge and … read more